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Doctor Who: Into the Dalek (Series 8, Episode 2) - REVIEW

The Daleks are back - again. The current companion falls in love with a really nice guy - again. We meet a good Dalek - again. The good Dalek turns evil - again. The Doctor gets compared to the Daleks - again.
Yeah, this story isn't the most original in the Universe. In fact, the original aspect to the story is how it goes about all of this. To be honest, I think Phil Ford did a great job of writing the Daleks, and it seemed like a similar approach in terms of style to Nicholas Briggs' work, particularly on Dark Eyes. This is how the Daleks should be.
Of course amongst all of this great Phil Ford Dalek storyline we have Clara falling in love with Danny Pink - a new Maths teacher at Coal Hill School, with the unique characteristics of being really nice, a soldier who obviously made a mistake making him quiet and supposedly complex who is "a bit of a lady killer". Actually, I'd laugh if the non-soldier he killed was a lady. Just for the hell of it Moffat, do it. A…

Thoughts on UK Box Office (22 - 24th August 2014)

OK, so I finally found the Top 10 films at the box office last weekend, and it really did intrigue me. Lucy was No 1, which I was surprised by, especially considering my screening was almost empty! Maybe it just isn't top of the pops where I live. Lucy, however, deserves this high box office and hopefully it'll carry on doing well at the box office. Maybe Luc Besson can make a Black Widow movie next?
The film that unexpectedly didn't fare too well was 'Doctor Who: Deep Breath', coming at No 8 on the Box Office that weekend. This was a surprise, but at the end of the day, there are big reasons why it didn't fare too well:

Everyone is still on holiday: most people who would go and see Deep Breath at the cinema were on holiday at the time, and seeing as the release date and cinema announcement came so late, they wouldn't be able to go and see it at all.It wasn't in 3D: yeah, all those who say 3D is isn't. In fact, I've seen more films in …

Lucy (2014) - Mini Movie Review

Lucy really shouldn't work as a film. After all, it really is just Scarlett Johansson gets super powers and kicks butt, however it actually ends up being a surprisingly thought-provoking and almost believable sci-fi epic, with an excellent and diverse cast, some brilliant visuals and a great sense of just being freakin' awesome. Would I recommend the movie? Well, you can love or hate it, with its unique style and dark tone, but if you really do want to see an awesome sci-fi action movie or Scarlett Johansson / beating bad guys to a pulp, you're in for a great film.

Doctor Who: Deep Breath - VIDEO REVIEW

Here's the mini-review for Deep Breath - with SPOILERS!!!

Doctor Who: Deep Breath (Series 8, Episode 1) - REVIEW

Doctor Who is back for the first full series in over four years! Yes, the last time we have this pleasure was with Series 5 in 2010, and had Series 6 and 7 split up across 2011, 2012 and 2013. Of course sadly we have an Autumn series instead of a Spring, which for me just seems like its going into competition with every other Autumn show. All the US stuff, not to mention the BBC's own Atlantis with Strictly, the horrible new show and whatever anyone else puts on. This is a bit of a silly decision: eight months a year with no family Telly and then Autumn and Winter with too much? Yeah, great schedule guys.
This is probably down to not only Steven Moffat and co working on the long-awaited and ultimately slightly disappointing third series of Sherlock, but also to BBC America wanting to put this on at Prime Time. Well, now we've got a lot of geeky stuff to watch (and if you have Sky, you have EVEN MORE).
This long wait doesn't seem to have hindered the actual quality of the …

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) - Movie Review [SPOILER-FILLED]

Guardians of the Galaxy was initially a film I was dreading. Marvel Studios were investing their money into a tree man and a talking raccoon? That won't be a success in a million years...
Then last year's SDCC released a teaser poster, and my hopes rose for the movie. I thought: wow, this could be a creative step forward for Marvel - with the right script and director.
In February the teaser trailer was released, and automatically within 2 minutes I was sold. A talking raccoon did work!
While over the last few months I've been a little cautious, trying not to build my hopes to high after doing so with the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode last year, I've been hyped for it. Really hyped. And now its been out for a weekend (and reportedly already got its money back), and having seen it twice (once in 3D, once in IMAX 3D), I can safely say that not only is Guardians of the Galaxy the best and most creative blockbuster of 2014 so far, but it is also my personal favourit…

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) - SPOILER-FREE Video Review

A movie with a drunk talking raccoon with anger certainly going to be interesting.