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Doctor Who Review: Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways (2005)

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My Ninth Doctor reviews continue in my thoughts of 'Bad Wolf' and 'The Parting of the Ways'.

SHERLOCK: Series Three (2014) - Review

THE EMPTY HEARSE: An interesting title that wastes a perfectly good story opportunity but never mind. The story lacks the case and mystery that it starts out with, but it is genuinely entertaining television. Such a pity that Lord James Moran was horrible underused. Mary Morstan comes across as an interesting character and it certainly brings the viewer back to the world of Sherlock once again. 9/10THE SIGN OF THREE: This episode is mostly made for laughs and it works! The jokes are fantastic, but its such a pity the reveal of the murderer was so boring and easy to work out. 9/10HIS LAST VOW: A fascinating episode but the Mind Palace becomes boring after the first minute, and the ending lacked the scale it should have had. I'm unsure why Mary has to be an assassin though. 9/10

SHERLOCK: Series Two (2012) - Review

A SCANDAL IN BELGRAVIA: After a brilliant twist opening continuing from Series One, the episode delves into the most interesting episode of the series so far. Lara Pulver is brilliant as Irene Adler and there is a real sense of scale that helps soften the fact that at the end of the day the resolution to the cliffhanger is just a cop-out and purely comedic, despite it being a great resolution. 10/10THE HOUNDS OF BASKERVILLE: A story with a little too much on the mystery side that never fully explains all elements. Terrifying stuff though, and the joke about Lestrade's first name? It will never get old... 8/10THE RIECHENBACH FALL: A chilling story with great build-up. Andrew Scott steals the show throughout and there are some great moments. The tension is built up to the bitter end and it truly is engaging TV. 10/10

SHERLOCK: Series One (2010) - Review

PILOT: An interesting pilot episode, but it lacks a lot of the energy that Episode 1 brings, and ultimately comes a little too short and lacking in budget in some areas. 7/10A STUDY IN PINK: A fascinating and absorbing first episode of the series, with fantastic performances and great production values. Martin Freeman is excellent as Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch seals his presence as Sherlock Holmes within mere moments. Rupert Graves and Una Stubbs are also notable mentions in a great entertaining piece of crime drama, with a unique style.  A pity the big reveal is a bit too obvious. 9/10THE BLIND BANKER: A less interesting story but certainly entertaining, despite the crime drama clich├ęs. The overall mystery is very interesting as well but it lacks depth. Some great twists and turns though. 8/10THE GREAT GAME: A huge build-up to the big Moriarty reveal at the end of the episode (and seriously, if you didn't know he was in it, how couldn't you?) with great tension, even if …