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Man of Steel (2013) - Movie Review

So, the eagerly awaited 'Man of Steel' has at long last come to cinemas. It has already been granted a sequel (rumoured to be released late next year!) and a full, DC Universe film series (huh?) after it earned lots of money on its opening weekend at the box office. This does seem a little strange after 'Superman Returns' was a box office flop, but in the light of 'The Dark Knight' trilogy, it seems that this film was going to do well, as it has a similar tone and is made by the same people.
The story has a unique structure, and it is clear that this structure is a Marmite structure - you'll either like it or hate it. I quite like it, myself. It gives the film a unique and interesting structure, and by the end you do know Kal-El's story, so it isn't flawed. The film itself sets up the differences between the cultures of Krypton and Earth very well, and Krypton itself looks amazing. It opens with Kal-El's birth, Zod's imprisonment and Krypton…

Doctor Who: Survival (1989)

So, as one of Sylvetser McCoy's most popular stories, and Classic Doctor Who's last, how does 'Survival' hold up? Not well, anyway.
The story is simple: people are being snatched away by the Cheetah People to a remote and desolate planet, where the Master is trying to avoid being possessed by the planet. With this simple(ish) premise, you'd think we'd get a really good and fascinating episode, but no. This story is very much modern Doctor. Ace returning home to the 'Present Day' and dealing with the effects of her travels with the Doctor, and with a good percentage of the story being set in 'Present Day' Earth.
Ace is a very interesting companion in this story, and her character clearly evolves after her experiences with Karra. She doesn't even scream in this story, showing a less 'stereotypical' Doctor Who companion, and is a compelling character to watch.
The Seventh Doctor is great and at his best. He has a clear darker side and a…