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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - 3D Thoughts

So yesterday I went to the Odeon in London to see The Hobbit: Part 1 in 3D!
It was actually really suited for 3D; the amount of 3D effects in this film is incredible, and in 3D it looks awesome and you feel like you're actually involved in the story, and even the actors and their movements all look brilliant in the 3rd Dimension. I will definitely be seeing Part 2: The Desolation of Smaug in 3D later this year. A recommended film, especially in 3D.

Doctor Who - The Trial of a Time Lord 1: The Mysterious Planet (1986)

So, here it is. The first episode in 'The Trial of a Time Lord' saga!
The opening sequence is brilliant and the new theme is very dark, a nice touch. Then we see (in my opinion) the best Doctor Who model shot ever! As the TARDIS is sucked into a Time Lord space station, the daunting music fills our ears. The Doctor might not survive this Trial after all.
In this episode we are treated to incredibly hammy and over the top performances, plot holes so obvious that they are pointed out at the end and some of the best cliffhangers of Doctor Who.
Colin Baker returns as The Doctor, and his performance is great. He has clearly softened since last series and he and Peri's relationship is back on track after many arguments in Season 22 (most of which had ended by 'Revelation of the Daleks') and they are now friends again. For now, at least.
Michael Jayston is a great Valleyard but doesn't do much. It's more of an ongoing rant sort of part and the Inquisitor is played…

Doctor Who: Silver Nemesis (1988) - 25 Anniversary Special

Personally, I'm not a fan of Sylvester McCoy's Doctor or his era. I've never been that tempted to buy it on DVD, let alone watch episodes of the internet. It all looks quite daft. I only bought the DVD of Silver Nemesis because it came in a box-set with Revenge of the Cybermen (1975), but upon watching it, I found it really enjoyable!
Revenge isn't a brilliant Cyberman story. In fact, they barely appear despite being in the title. I found it very disappointing, considering it was apparently 'better' than Silver Nemesis. But then I watched the DVD one day...
The episode starts almost like a modern-Who story, introducing the main villains - lady Peintforte and her servant Robert (I think that's his name), and a group of Neo-Nazis (not referenced to as such on screen) with a very unmemorable and clearly not German leader. Oh, and they're in South America for some reason.
We then cut to find The Seventh Doctor and Ace enjoying a jazz band. They're havin…