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Why Serenity is one the best films ever made

OK, something different today. Why Serenity is one of the best films ever made. For me, it is. It's one of my favourite films of all time and my favourite sci-fi film of all time, as well as being a sequel to one of my favourite TV programmes of all time (Firefly). Here are my 10 reasons:

The trailers for this film are awesome! I watched the trailer for Serenity the night I finished watching Firefly and it had me hooked with it being one of the most engaging film trailers ever made! It builds up the tension with the story-line and then goes into all-out action which looks brilliant and awe-inspiring. soundtrack by David Newman is brilliant and memorable. While it certainly does not sound like Firefly's score, it works for the film and works in every scene it features in. If one day a sequel is made, I would like to see the soundtrack at least take cues from this as it really is brilliant.…

The Tomorrow People (US) - Episode 7 REVIEW

So, after the ending to last week’s installment, you’d think that The Tomorrow People wouldn't tackle two impossible-to-blend story-lines together! So they do, and thus you have ‘Limbo’. John is particularly angry after what happened between Stephen and Cara in Episode 6 and he shows his anger, though never losing his cool. Luke Mitchell is very subtle in his performance, but you can see his hatred of Stephen beginning to build, to the point where he’s tempted to just let him die. Cara is beginning to see the effects of last week and is trying to prevent a serious fight between Stephen and Cara, sticking with John and leaving Stephen saying that what happened shouldn't have happened. In the meantime, Stephen’s powers are cut-off by Jedikiah before he does anything stupid with them. Of course, he already has, and a fancy bracelet is his punishment. He gets in serious trouble for a party and then mind-reading Astrid - who now knows about his powers – who turns out to be in love wit…

The Tomorrow People (US) - Episode 6 REVIEW

After five episodes of Russell being no more than a likeable supporting character, at long last he gets more of a main role when he and John go to attend his father’s funeral. It begins to become clear what lead Russell to the Tomorrow People and his story is genuinely upsetting, with some fantastic acting from Aaron Yoo in these scenes. However, it is only half of the episode. Yes, we have another, less interesting half with Stephen and Cara tracking down a break-out, who turns out to be...Darcy’s sister! Yeah, Darcy...the character no one remembers the name of who works for Ultra. Right... Actually, this basic concept is great, and pays off well, only it leads to a romance blooming between Cara and Stephen. While I’m not going to bother with the fact that Stephen is meant to be a 16-year old teenager and Cara is a woman in her twenties, it feels oddly forced and came out too soon. Some things need more time to build. In Firefly, Mal and Inara don’t even get together in the end and yet…

The Tomorrow People (US) - Episode 5 REVIEW

For the fifth episode of The Tomorrow People, it’s clear that tensions are beginning to rise for the main characters, with Stephen trying to remain on good terms with his Uncle and the Homo-superior getting restless. Stephen is interrogated by Ultra’s hierarchy, and suddenly he begins to worry that he has leaked information to the big boss, as Cara, Russell and most of the Tomorrow People go off to a party – one that John is particularly against. However, Ultra knows this and Jedakiah in his nice family-man ways brings Stephen along to see them get slaughtered at a club, while Astrid begins to get suspicious of Stephen and what he gets up to.
It’s a tense episode, although it feels a little too predictable, with one shock twist and one minor twist that fuels Cara’s rage a bit too much for Stephen’s liking. The tension between John and Cara is definitely building, but it will ultimately out in something. 8/10

The Tomorrow People (US) - Episode 4 REVIEW

The Tomorrow People has been an interesting series to review, with characters developing each and every episode. After a story focussed on Cara, it seems only right for the next one to be focussed on John. With yet another opening set in the past, the episode opens with a young John as he is recruited by Jedakiah for a new programme of Ultra’s. Meanwhile, in the present an old friend of John’s (and former employee of Ultra’s) has returned to seek vengeance against his former friend and Jedakiah. As the episode develops, more and more information is leaked out as to what exactly happened between the three characters. The title of the episode is ‘Kill or Be Killed’, and that is essentially the story line. McCrane (John’s friend) is able to kill after being experimented on by Ultra, and by the end, we also learn that another member of the Tomorrow People was the same as well.
It’s a concept that the series has been hinting at since Episode 1, and it works very well in this episode. While it…

2014 Preview

These are some upcoming reviews I have planned for 2014. For those wondering what happened to my 'The Tomorrow People US' Reviews, I'm close to giving up on them, as I seem to have little time to write reviews for 22, 45 minute TV episodes each week, but I'll try and catch up.

Jonathan Creek: series five - As much as I do enjoy Jonathan Creek (I'm watching all the episodes I haven't seen at the moment), I feel that last years' "The Clue of the Savant's Thumb" was...disappointing to say the least. It definitely felt like a Pilot for a new series, although with very little Jonathan Creek-isms. The duffle coat was barely seen (and is absent from the series five promo images) and there was no windmill or Adam Klaus. In fact, there was very little 'magic' involved at all. It felt like it had lost what made the series so great. Hopefully the new three hour-long episodes will bring us back into the old days once more.Marvel's Agents of SHI…

Best Films of 2013


The Tomorrow People (US) - Episode 3 REVIEW

The Tomorrow People has followed the clichés and tropes of many US Television series over its first two episodes, but for its third episode it was able to get a real emotion across to its audience in an episode that seems to be much more focussed on the darker elements of this world that has been created. The focus of the episode is mostly on Cara, who is approaching the fifth anniversary of her breakout, which is causes problems with her psychic abilities and emotionally. Peyton List is amazing in the role, and the upsetting and slightly chilling background story of her breakout is very well made, and she manages to get across the horrible nature of her life, on both her human life and her life as one of the Tomorrow People. However, John sends Stephen out with a mission – the plant a device that can connect Ultra’s network to Tim the supercomputer, so that they can find Tomorrow People before Ultra. Sadly, partly due to Cara’s state of mind, the device is located and John, Cara and Ru…

The Tomorrow People (US) - Episode 2 REVIEW

You know you’ve got a great villain when he’s the main character’s Uncle – jealous and vengeful against his brother’s abilities to the extent that he’ll wipe out his brother’s entire species, and that is what Jedikiah Price is. Stephen is trying to get to grips with his new-found abilities while trying to persuade Cara and John that working for Ultra is a good idea, while trying to get inside Ultra itself. This second episode carries on the threads from the first, and a previously sequence at the beginning appears to be a great help for those who weren’t paying attention to Episode 1. It’s clear that Jedikiah will stop at nothing to annihilate the Tomorrow People, to the extent that he locates break-outs and uses brain-washed Tomorrow People to hunt them down, so that Ultra can either kill or destroy their powers. This proves to be the case when their next target is a teenage criminal, of whom Stephen must try and protect but not draw attention to himself. Worse still, Jedikiah has a T…

The Tomorrow People (US) - Episode 1 REVIEW

Loosely based upon the 1973 ITV series of the same name, The Tomorrow People follows Stephen Jameson – a teenager who is having sleep-walking problems. However, he is soon told that he isn’t sleep-walking at all, but teleporting in his sleep to various different places. He also feels he is going mad when he hears voices in his head, and his life seems to be a living nightmare.
That is until he meets the Tomorrow People – an evolved species of homo-sapiens (known as homo superior) – that he is a member of. The Tomorrow People posses the three T’s – Telepathy, Teleporting and Telekinesis. They are lead by John Young, Cara Coburn and Russell Kwon, who locate members of their race in teenage years when they “break out”. The Government wants them annihilated though, and thus Dr. Jedikiah Price enters Stephen’s life – a man intent on getting rid of them.
This episode has little of a story to it, and it definitely feels like set-up, rather much like the first episode of Firefly. The cast are g…