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Doctor Who: The Bells of Saint John (2013)

So, at long last - The Bells of Saint John are ringing. A hark back to Steven Moffat's classic "The Empty Child" perhaps? Except they've put the phone in a little cubby hole this time round, unlike the 2010 TARDIS model. Did I mention how much I love Michael Pickwoad's design of the TARDIS? It looks more and more awesome every episode. However, the new theme isn't as good as the one used in "The Snowmen". It's more orchestral than synthesised and seems far too short. The title sequence hasn't been altered (with the exception of the ever-changing logo) which is a bit of a pity.
Anyway, the Doctor has a new garb and a monk outfit! The new costume is very Doctor-ish and much better than his previous (and Tennant's). Both work well with Matt Smith's quirky Doctor and the scene where he and the monk have the phone call is hilarious! ("Is it an evil spirit?" "It's a woman!") That's why I love Moffat's writin…