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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) - Mini Movie Review

The sequel to 2011's Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Dawn is set eight years after and follows what happened between the events of its predecessor and what is known from the original Planet of the Apes. Surprisingly, this movie surpasses the original's brilliance and delivers an interesting movie that from the trailers looked much worse than it was. The clich├ęd elements seen in the trailer are actually a lot better, Gary Oldman isn't the typical idiot who thinks "apes are all animals and will kill us, so let's kill them" and every character's morals and actions are justified. Overall:

First Thoughts on 'Arrow' (Episodes 13-23)

The final episodes of 'Arrow' were just as surprising as the rest of the series so far. There was this big build-up to the finale, with the promise that Oliver no longer had to be the vigilante and could move on with his life, as he was completing his father's dying wish. However, not all went to plan...
The big shock for me was Tommy's arc. Knowing Oliver was the vigilante and he still loved Laurel pushed him closer to his father, and the resemblance between him and John Barrowman in the offices was scary. However, instead of going on an Osborn-style arc, he ended up becoming a hero, trying to stop Malcolm's plans and saving Laurel. When he died in the last episode it was genuinely upsetting, as he wasn't a bad guy and was trying to do good, and didn't agree with Oliver being the vigilante, making it more tragic (and from the trailer for Season 2, it looks like that will have a big impact). It's also clear he w…

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) - First Poster and Thoughts

So today the first teaser poster for Age of Ultron surfaced the net and I thought I would put an article up with my thoughts on what's teased in and alongside the release of this poster as well as my thoughts on this.
The initial filming pictures of 'Ultron' (I'm skeptical whether it really was him now) looked pretty awful and I was disappointed with the head, but now...he looks awesome. He looks realistic, awesome, evil and a brilliant threat that the Avengers will have to combat. I'm still unsure about some of the rumours with the story, but its all looking good so far. I'm also wondering where Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch and HYDRA come into all of this after the events of Winter Soldier, but we'll see.
Iron Man's new suit looks pretty awesome and so does Captain America's. I wish I was much younger so I was allowed to get the toys. Oh well, they look great and I'm glad we'll never have to see Cap's Avengers Assemble costume again,…

First Thoughts on 'Arrow' (Episodes 5-12)

As I continue to watch the first season of Arrow, I begin to realize how much of a gem it is. Its unique style makes it stand out from most shows, and with the knowledge that the producers of this made The Tomorrow People confuses me with the difference in quality. I'm past the half-way point and I feel satisfied by each episode. Arrow is a series that makes each episode count to progress the characters further and explore them more deeply than in a movie, which makes me wonder why this is the only comic book adaptation to do this. I love the dark tone of the series, as it never brings you down at all. Its not depressing, but its just not a comedy - and that works in the series' favour. Stephen Amell continues to be pitch-perfect as Oliver Queen, and the Green Arrow (this incarnation at least) is rising to become one of my favourite comic book-to-screen characters of all time, going up with Michael Keaton's Batman! He's such an interesting character, and the flashback…

First Thoughts on 'Arrow' (Episodes 1-4)

Arrow is a series I've been wanting to watch for a long time, but had no idea what it was about and what it was actually like in terms of style. It was popular, but I didn't know why. Now, however, I can see why. Arrow is not perfect at the moment, but if it carries on and goes well, it could become that perfect series I would love it to be.  I love the use of narration that really adds a comic book sense to it, and I love the dark, gritty and realistic-ish tone the series settles with. It’s the Dark Knight, but with Green Arrow and a lot more fun and interesting. I love the characters and how interesting they are. Oliver Queen’s speech at his father’s grave is a standout moment. He will do as his father wanted him to, but he will have to destroy everything his father stood for in order to do so, and he’s not entirely happy with this. He hates to have to do this, but will honour his father’s wishes as penance for his sins in life. Then we have Thea, his sister, who lived in absolut…