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Jurassic World (2015) - FBC REVIEW (Video)

I-Rex? Did Apple make a dinosaur?

Jurassic World (2015).
Starring: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard.
Director: Colin Trevorrow.
Plot: Several years after Jurassic World first opened to the public, the attendance is beginning to drop, so in order to bring back public attention and money, the park creates a genetic hybrid in the form of the Indominous Rex - the ultimate dinosaur...

Jurassic World belongs to Universal and Legendary Pictures. Music is by Kevin Macleod and is royalty free. This video is for critical and entertainment purposes only. All copyright belongs to the rightful owners. No profit is made from the production of this video or any others.

Humans (2015 TV Series) - Episode 1 Review

"I'm watching you."
"I'm watching you too Laura - you're right in front of me."

With those words, many Channel 4 viewers had shivers down their spines. Channel 4 has been advertising their new drama series Humans for quite a few weeks now with a rather interesting marketing campaign. With many teasers featured in the adverts, its difficult at first not to confuse the TV spots with actual technology ads - in turn making the synths feel almost real.
Add some eerie full length trailers to the teasers and suddenly you're intrigued. I didn't know what to expect from Humans, its certainly not Channel 4's typical kind of drama - and I can't say whether it will last long, look at Utopia - but maybe its that its so unique for British Television that quite a lot of people did tune in for it.
The first episode had over 4 million viewers tuning in - a lot of people for any series (Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell on BBC One had 1.8 million), particu…

Jurassic World (2015) - Movie Review

Jurassic Park is one of the most famous and iconic films of all time, and one that stays in a lot of peoples' memories. I remember watching Jurassic Park from a very young age and absolutely loving it, even if I was disappointed that the dinosaurs didn't win in the end. I tried to watch The Lost World when I was younger but found it very boring, and I've heard nothing but bad things to put me off Jurassic Park III. So, here we are in 2015 with the fourth installment of the franchise - Jurassic World. Its aim: to bring back audiences' nostalgic memories of Spielberg's classic with a new story, new cast and new dinosaur, in the form of the genetic hybrid, the Indominous Rex. If there's one thing I can't fault in the film its that it truly succeeds in its aim. This is a very worthy sequel to a film it couldn't possibly top, but fits snugly alongside. I can't deny that I felt like a little kid again throughout the film, and I really like the new elemen…

Spooks: The Greater Good (2015) - Movie Review

Based upon the BBC Television series that ran from 2002-11, Spooks: The Greater Good is a film continuation of the series currently in cinemas.
I feel that this is a film that I would enjoy much more having seen the Spooks TV series, with our main character Harry Pearce seeming to be concluding a pre-established character arc, with him facing his failure and doing whatever he can to make it right, as the film's subtitle says, for the greater good.
This character arc's conclusion in the film is a distinct problem for newcomers, as so much is mentioned about Harry as if you're meant to know all of this as a viewer, and tries to set him up as the ultimate protagonist of the film whom nobody can quite trust.
What's even more confusing for the film is that it also includes Kit Harrington as Will Holloway, a new character for the film who one would have thought would be the new audience's eyes into the story, but the screenplay never seems to actually set up his charact…

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Season 2, Episode 21 & 22 Review

So, here we are - 22 long episodes of Agents of SHIELD going through as many plot points as one can possibly fit into a 22, 45 minute episode season. Alas though, despite being incredibly messy and unfocused, I cannot call the writing bad. Sure, the new characters took WAY too long to earn their new places in the series, but they did in the end and the dialogue and plots were never bad as such - like I said, just messy.
At the end of all this though, we had an epic 90 minute season finale to solve all of the lose ends...which then got spread across two weeks in the UK (thanks, Channel 4), which meant that I found the overall structure of SOS a bit jarring. So, yeah, next time Channel 4 - if its meant to be shown as one 90 minute episode, show it as one 90 minute episode!
I can't deny that Part 2 was the superior episode though. Part 1 had quite a few interesting scenes and revelations, but never amounted to much. Sadly though, we did have Kyle MacLachlan absolutely hamming up his…