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The future of the DC Extended Universe - EDITORIAL

With San Diego Comic Con arriving in the next few weeks, inevitably with plenty of cool movie and TV news to share around (not to mention my personal favourite...trailers!) I thought I'd cover a topic that interests me greatly - the future of DC's Extended Universe.
The first thing to note is that DC has gone on a major re-brand over the past few months with a new logo they seem determined to slap all over their products similar to the Marvel logo - something I was expecting with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but apparently not. I don't mind this. It makes sense from a business sense of view and I personally prefer the new DC logo as something to ingrain in peoples' minds. It's simple and easy to recognize.
With Dawn of Justice seemingly a bit of a flop though, WB and DC Films (no longer just DC Entertainment) are betting all their chips on Suicide Squad becoming a huge hit. Now, I think/hope that the movie will become a big hit with fans and people like mysel…

First Thoughts On 'Arrow' Season 4 (Episodes 21-23)

Looking back over Arrow season 4, its difficult not to see huge chunks of it as damage control after season 3 left the show in the most awkward place imaginable, trying desperately to get the fans back on the show's side by basically re-launching the entire show. Did it work? Well, here I am writing this 23 episodes later and I can safely say that season 4 is good enough to make me genuinely excited for season 5...even if the from what the writers have been saying it'll be a rip-off of Daredevil season 2. Random, I know, but maybe it won't be so bad.
Making the whole arc of this season being about Oliver overcoming his darker side and becoming an inspiring figure for Star City was actually present in all 23 episodes and reached a satisfying conclusion here, with Oliver encouraging the people of Star City to stand up against Damien Darhk as both the Green Arrow and former Mayoral candidate. As for the point of the flashbacks though...I have absolutely no idea. I'm pret…

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Season 3, Episodes 21 & 22 Review

So, here we are at Agents of SHIELD's third season finale, and one can't help but feel a little underwhelmed. After so much build-up, season 3 ends in the most bog-standard way it could, and I just feel like this two-part finale could have been so much more if it tried.
The first part, 'Absolution', was pretty slow if I'm honest, especially after the opening 10 minutes rushed along so quickly I barely had time to register where the show had left off a couple of weeks since I last saw it. There was a big thing about Daisy suffering withdrawal symptoms, but nothing much really came of that other than depression and causing the episode's cliffhanger. I was waiting for something to really happen in 'Absolution', and it seems that the writers hadn't quite worked out what to do with it and the following part.
'Ascension' was a much better-paced second part, even if the final third was a bit lackluster. None of the action felt like it had been kic…