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Legion: Season 2 - Written Review

After a terrific first season last year, FX's 'Legion' returned for a second, eleven-episode season, following on directly from where Chapter 8 left off. David returns from his imprisonment within the mysterious Orb to find that a whole year has passed for everyone else, and that the future is in grave danger...

For those reading this who haven't seen 'Legion' at all - go and watch it, both seasons. Seriously, it's the most original superhero show on TV, and the sort of show that if you can get your head around it, becomes quite addictive. The cliff-hangers are so irritatingly good that you just have to keep watching to find out what happens next and what everything actually means.

Right, seen it? Cool, because I'm probably going to ruin both seasons in their entirety with this review.

The second season of 'Legion' is much more linear than the first, as the events actually play out in chronological order. No longer are we trying to work out the…

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Season 5, Episodes 20-22 Review

Originally, the showrunners of Agents of SHIELD wrote these final three episodes, including Episode 22 'The End' as not just the season finale, but the overall series finale of the entire show. Everyone involved put all their effort into a satisfying ending to the show, endeavouring to give the series (and its lead protagonist Agent Phil Coulson) a proper send-off. Since then, however, the series has been renewed for a sixth, 13-episode season set to debut mid-2019 (although filming reportedly began quite recently), potentially undermining this entire three-part finale. Does it? We'll have to wait and see for definite, but actually the way this season ended was open enough that I think a continuation is a valid option.

I initially planned to review each of these episodes separately, but given that they're so tied-in to one another, I figured that it'd be better to evaluate them as a whole, chronicling General Talbot's transformation into Graviton. It's alw…

Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) - Written Review

After its UK release was delayed a whole month (a fact I'm still bitter about by the way, Disney - don't do this again), I finally got to sit down and watch Marvel Studios' 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' yesterday in its full IMAX glory and...colour me slightly disappointed.

I remember really enjoying the first 'Ant-Man' film back in 2015, but subsequent re-watches have caused me to re-evaluate the film not as a bad one, but simply as a solid Marvel flick. It just lacks the creative flair I think a movie like 'Ant-Man' needs, and I was disappointed to hear that Peyton Reed would return for the sequel. However, credit to him, Reed has clearly tried with both films to make the most out of the material, and he does showcase his strengths in directing improvised comedy scenes, but he lacks the flair of a director like Edgar Wright (who had been working on 'Ant-Man' for 12 years prior to his departure from the project). 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' su…

What's the deal with villain-centric films?

A question I've been wrestling with in recent months has been the issue of villain-centric films, a trend Hollywood seems to leaning towards in a post-'Suicide Squad' world. That film, incidentally, made well over $700 million at the box office, making it more successful than 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2', 'Man of Steel', 'Doctor Strange', 'Ant-Man' and many, many more. It's also quite surprising too, given that it was a potentially risky property, costing a massive $175 million for Warner Bros and gaining a 15 certificate in the UK, which limited its chances. However, the film (inexplicably) made millions for Warner Bros and DC, and is probably their second most successful DC franchise entry under 'Wonder Woman'. For the record though, 'Suicide Squad' cost more than 'Wonder Woman', 'Doctor Strange' and 'Ant-Man', so it could have been a much more profitable film.

What was my issue with 'Suicide …