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Stranger Things: Season 1 (2016) - Video Review

Stranger things have happened...

Stranger Things (2016).
Starring: Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, and Millie Bobbie Brown.
Created by: the Duffer Brothers.
Plot: The disappearance of Will Byers in the small town of Hawkins prompts the whole town to search for him. While Chief Jim Hopper investigates the shady government agents there, Will's mother believes he is haunting their house, and his three friends believe Will's disappearance is linked to the mysterious 'Eleven'...

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Hooten and the Lady - Episode 1 Review

Let's be honest here: Hooten and the Lady isn't the most original series to come out on Sky 1, and nor is it the sort of thing TV channels seem to want to commission anymore. It seems to be an almost out of time piece of TV that feels more at home several years ago in the Saturday evening family drama faze of Doctor Who, Primeval, Merlin and numerous others. Perhaps this means that it'll have greater appeal, but given Sky 1's limited audience - and the terrible choice of a Friday post-watershed slot - it just seems a bit bizarre for Hooten and the Lady.
So the plot follows British Museum expert Alex (the titular lady, played by Elementary's Ophelia Lovibond) joining forces with American adventurer Hooten (played by some guy I've never heard of) to make basically a TV-budget Indiana Jones homage. Mix it in with a modern setting and an even more forgettable antagonist than you ever thought possible, Hooten and the Lady probably sounds very familiar, and if the t…

First Thoughts On 'The Shannara Chronicles' (Episodes 9-10)

I'm not entirely sure how to finish off this series of first thoughts on The Shannara Chronicles. I started off with pretty much a detailed breakdown of the plot, and then a hell of a lot of ranting, so...I guess I'll just wrap up then. So, basically in these final two episodes everything concludes as Amberle realizes she's a tree, so has to go right back to her home (which takes a lot less time than going to the fire-thingy) and replace the Ellcrys, even though the Ellcrys is dead. Somehow this kills/teleports all the demon armies and the Dagda Mor and everything's completely fine. Except for that bit where Eretria recognizes a troll with a gas mask cos you know...second season set-up. Long story short: The Shannara Chronicles is a mini-series that didn't even need to be a mini-series. The whole plot of the series basically comes down to Amberle needing to turn into a tree, and for whatever reason that doesn't just happen. How does that even work? I have abso…