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First Thoughts On 'Arrow' Season 5 (Episodes 1-9)

The fifth season of DC's Arrow has reached its mid-season point, and nine episodes in it's been quite a ride with a new team, new villain and a new tonal approach. It seemed as if the series was really putting me off with its fifth installment of 23 episodes when it mentioned essentially ripping-off the second season of Daredevil and introducing a brand-new team of Arrow when none of the main characters died in Season 4 to make room. I'm not sure if its my lowered expectations for Season 5 that gave me the response I've gotten from it, but I have absolutely loved this new season of Arrow so far.
With Season 4 basically wiping the slate clean, 5 kicks off several months later with Oliver fighting crime as the Green Arrow, having now gone back on his rule of not killing after murdering Damien Darhk. Oliver now also lives a double-life as Star City's new Mayor, a decision that allows us to focus on Oliver's double life - an aspect severely lacking since basically…

Rogue One: a Star Wars Story (2016) - Written Review

Rogue One: a Star Wars Story is the latest installment in the Star Wars saga, and acts as both a spin-off to the main series and also a prequel to the 1977 original. Directed by questionable choice Gareth Edwards, Rogue One has had a steady build-up of hype and anticipation for its December release, and, for me at least, doesn't live up to it. The first thing to note is that the movie being sold is not the movie you get. Or, at least, the movie I was sold isn't the one I saw. Rogue One was sold as a gritty war movie with loose ties to the original trilogy and a radical departure from the main Star Wars saga, with the potential to go to some dark places the main films wouldn't dare touch. The result is a movie that's very clearly being made as a Disney nostalgia cash machine directed by Gareth Edwards, and it really should've been better. Now, to talk about Rogue One's plot at all, I'm going to have to actually explain the plot of the movie. I'm going to a…

Class: The Lost (2016) - Mini Review

(Sorry for the lateness with this one guys! I completely forgot to post this a few weeks ago.)